Solutions for Industry

Commercial Aerospace

Kreisler has manufactured precision components for the aerospace industry for over half a century – consistently delivering high quality products and helping our customers solve complex engineering and manufacturing challenges. Today, Kreisler tubular fabrications fly on thousands of leading commercial, regional and business jet aircraft.

Our products can be found on critical applications such as thrust reverser actuation systems of the Airbus 330 and 340. We provide the tube and pipe assemblies for the engines used on the Boeing 747, 757, 767 and the new 787 Dreamliner.


Kreisler is proud of our long history in support of the mission of America’s servicemen and women. We provide aircraft and marine components that meet the rigorous demands and the highest military specifications. We have a long history producing critical tube and pipe components and assemblies for the engines of the F-15, F-16, F-22 and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Our assemblies and fuel spray technology is also found inside the sophisticated missile systems where precision performance is critical to battlefield success.


Kreisler’s experience in aerospace gas turbine engines provides the foundation to support the aero-derivative and large gas turbine markets with design and manufacturing expertise. Today Kreisler is active in other industries using advanced materials and processing methods that meet the needs and cost parameters of many power generation programs. Kreisler fabricated products are now used reliably and confidently in components specifically designed for Marine, Power Generation and Oil and Gas.

Our Flight and Industrial proven components include:
  • Fuel Manifolds
  • Cooling Baffles
  • De-Icing Lines
  • Fuel Tank and Transfer Lines
  • Air Ducting
  • Hydraulic Actuation Systems
  • Environmental Control Lines
  • APU Service Lines